Friday, May 25, 2018

Repairing a bit of public sculpture vandalism

©2018 Barry Smith - Buttress Root sculpture and Poetry Post restored
The Buttress Root sculpture above (adjacent to the Little Yabba Creek picnic area) was officially launched-opened in December last year. It seem it has been very popular with much reporting of visits to it.

But maybe it was a little too popular - as you can see from the photos below somebody thought they might souvenir the stainless steel cap that sealed the Poetry Post adjacent to the sculpture.  I wonder what someone will use a 25cm square stainless steel post cap for!!!!

©2018 Barry Smith
©2018 Barry Smith
The Sunshine Coast Council agreed to replace the cap; and agreed to my quote to do the work. I arranged for a new cap to be fabricated and picked it up on Wednesday afternoon.  I installed it on Thursday morning. As you can see the new cap once again finishes and protects the post.

©2018 Barry Smith - Security screws in place
©2018 Barry Smith
©2018 Barry Smith
The sculpture and post have been restored to there former beauty. as the first photo shows. This time as well as using industrial glue to keep the cap on we have added security screws.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A mixed bag of fragments

©2018 Barry Smith - Cooper scale from and etching process
Soft grey light was the greeting for the start of my walk today - but by the time I got to Treehaven Way colour began to emerge.

©2018 Barry Smith 
©2018 Barry Smith 
With winter not too far away there is not an abundance of colour etc - but there are still fragments that catch my eye.

©2018 Barry Smith 
©2018 Barry Smith - I love how this imperfect flower floats in the dark light 
©2018 Barry Smith - Paper like edge of a flower - white standing out in the grey morning
©2018 Barry Smith  - Delightful weed
©2018 Barry Smith - I really need to pick up more of the macadamia nuts
©2018 Barry Smith - A new emerging crucifix orchid
©2018 Barry Smith - Color wandering over the gravel
Most of the fragments have darker more subdued backgrounds courtesy of the late autumn morning light.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Funnel forms from the forest floor

©2018 Barry Smith
Quite a bit of time over the weekend was given over to: rearranging studio space; and cleaning and displaying gallery-shop items.

However I did a metal hammering session on Friday and Saturday morning. I wanted to make seven funnel forms from goblet bases and other small silver-plated stands.

Fungi was my inspiration for the shapes hence the title for the post. A few photos of the process follow.

©2018 Barry Smith - Metal fatigue - too much nickel in this metal
Forms on rust before going to the grinding-polishing bench.

©2018 Barry Smith
A photo of the forms after polishing them with a worn out steel wire wheel.

©2018 Barry Smith
There is a bit more hand cleaning and polishing to do - but then they will be ready to send to Blackall.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Delivery run - lamps, ladles and leaves

©2018 Barry Smith - Small ladle with vintage copper soldering iron handle
On Wednesday afternoon I did a trip to Dayboro to drop off lamps, ladles and leaves to Entangle living art.

©2018 Barry Smith - Nola Atkins of Entangle amidst the joyous gathering of stuff in the shop-gallery - photo taken from an article in the Courier Mail done on Entangle
The 12 Artisan Lamps on the workbench all went down.

©2018 Barry Smith - A stash of Artisan Lamps
Reports on the progress of these lamps have been included in earlier posts. For some reason the little quirky lamp below got a special reception!!!

©2018 Barry Smith - Just a quirky little number
Nine ladles were well received - see some of them below.

©2018 Barry Smith - Large soup ladle
©2018 Barry Smith - Smaller ladles - great for serving curries etc
I also delivered 9 larger patinated leaves (20-25cm long); and three sets of small leaves (about 12-14cm long).

©2018 Barry Smith - Larger leaves with very autumn patination ones 
©2018 Barry Smith - A trio of small patinated copper leaves 
Quite a stash - hopefully that will result in sales for me and Nola. Today I made a good start on some 'funnel forms' and did a bit more sorting in the studio-garage. Time for a Friday night red wine I think.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Light, lines and looking up

There is no doubt that we are just over one month away from the shortest day of the year. Light when we rise for our exercise-walk is now close to dark - but through the iPhone lens there are some great deep colours.
©2018 Barry Smith - A dark painted morning sky
Some of the plants indicate they are finished for this season.

©2018 Barry Smith - Purple Agapanthus - finished for the year
Birds, clouds and powerlines dominated the walk along Treehaven Way.

©2018 Barry Smith - Kookaburra - silent sentinel against a grey morning sky
©2018 Barry Smith - A lace of clouds highlighted by soft morning light
©2018 Barry Smith - Galahs doing early morning preening
Light refracted through the water and clear glass kettle never fail to intrigue me.

©2018 Barry Smith - Very swirly rainbow on the stone kitchen bench 
©2018 Barry Smith - Peacock colours on the stone kitchen bench
 Orchids have there own way of offering colour and light

©2018 Barry Smith - Ground orchid
©2018 Barry Smith - Dazzling red crucifix orchid by the book wall.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Silver and rust and a couple of 'love' jobs

©2018 Barry Smith - Daily Leaf Word bowls on the rust-bank bench
The good news is that I managed to grab a couple of hours yesterday and today to do the grinding and polishing of the bowls. They have been given a high polish which in turn makes them hard to photograph as they just want to reflect everything including the photographer.  But first a photo of the bits on the grinding-polishing bench.

©2018 Barry Smith - Quite a stash of bowls of different sizes and depths
I could not resist photographing some of the bowls on the rust-bank bench. I just love the contrast of the rust and hammered metal.

©2018 Barry Smith - Inside of the bigger bowl - about 11-12cm in diameter and 4cm deep
©2018 Barry Smith- The subtle facets on the outside created by the flat planishing hammer
©2018 Barry Smith - Seven little beauties on the rust bench
A few of the bowl have been turned into ladles - the smallest and biggest are below.

©2018 Barry Smith - The small ladle has a bowl about 4cm in diameter and a small copper soldering iron for a handle. The handle of the larger ladle was formerly the handle of a fruit tray-bowl
I made a gift leaf for a new born - a leaf hopefully with good vibes for a good strong life.

©2018 Barry Smith - A leaf for a joyous life
I get requests from time to time to repair family heirlooms; or to make stuff out of family objects. I was asked if I could repair and polish a bone and brass bangle that had been handed down. I do some of these tasks as a way of giving back to community. I think has been restored to its former glory.

©2018 Barry Smith - It can now to worn and maybe passed on - full of memories.
All in all a good weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Not pretty - starting many bowls and the tools used

©2018 Barry Smith - Metal marked and cut for the 4 sets of Daily Leaf Words
Yesterday and today I managed time in the studio-garage. The aim is to make 4 sets of Daily Leaf Word sets and about 12 ladles. As you can see from the photos above and below using cut up old, and often dirty, salvaged silver-plated serving trays means that the initial stash of metal can look pretty ordinary.

©2018 Barry Smith - Twelve pieces cut and marked for ladle bowls
©2018 Barry Smith - Love the curly offcuts
The fire treatment and hammering does not really improve the look. But they will shine once taken over to the grinding-polishing bench.

©2018 Barry Smith - All the bowl formed through hammering and the metal press
©2018 Barry Smith - Some of the pieces marked up and hammered
©2018 Barry Smith - I got bit side tracked with this little bowl - I have hammered the back and then decided to make the handle from a small copper soldering iron
I loved the fact that the work bench just became populated by hammers and stakes - all the tools were used in the process to date.

©2018 Barry Smith _ This stake was a towing ball - good 50mm form
©2018 Barry Smith - Love that selection of hammers - all used today at some point in the process with different bowl forms - the bigger bowl is on a stake being planished
©2018 Barry Smith - Inside of the bowl after the back was planished
I hope to get time over the weekend to finish the hammering and get to polish the bits - something shiny to show on Sunday.